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You have possibly seen some of my instruments as I have been a violin maker for thirty years and having made over three hundred instruments which have been sold all over the world.

In the past I used to make two different kind of violins:
-"new looking violins", according to modern violinmaking school aesthetic rules and
-"antique looking violins", that means copies/reproductions of famous old instruments.

Throughout the years, I changed my style and about 10 years ago I decided to be myself, so now I make "antique looking violins" only. However my violins, although they are still strongly inspired to the great Italian Master violinmakers' works, are no longer a copy of someone else's  style, but are now marked by my own personality and actually appear as Vittorio Villa violins.
People say my violins are "soft antique looking instruments". In fact they don't look like damaged mistreated violins. On the contrary, although they feature smooth edges and signs of use, they appear like well cared violins that were played and loved for many years.

I believe it is important to understand that even modern musicians do not like to appear in public or with collegues with a new looking violin to not be misinterpreted as violin students.


The most important quality of a violin is its sound! And this word resembles several qualities such as volume, timbre, playability, evenness, response...
Bearing in mind that I was a professional violinist and have furthermore carried out in-depth research into the field of physical acoustics of string instruments, I pay great attention to the sound quality of each one of my instruments.
As a teacher at the International School of Violin-making in Cremona, I had the opportunity to try over 500 instruments with appreciable acoustic qualities; thanks to this experience I have adopted certain methods and techniques in the construction of my instruments that allow them to achieve the high level sound performance that so many musicians demand. For this reason, several Cremonese violin makers turn to me for the last minute fine-tuning of their instruments.
After many years of hard work, I am proud to say that my instruments are played by important musicians all over the world. Now, as an experienced rather than young violin maker, I consider this as evidence of a successful and fruitful work.

If interested, do not hesitate to ask me for audio/video samples of music played with my violins.


by clicking here you can see several examples of my violins.


I was finalist in several Italian and international violin making competitions (11° Concorso Cittą di Bagnacavallo, Triennale degli strumenti ad arco A. Stradivari Cremona 1991 e 1997, Mostra Concorso Comune di Baveno 1995).
Since 1997 I decided to no longer participate in these competitions, due to the unique characteristics of my antique looking instruments that hardly suited the aesthetic rules usually adopted in such violinmaking contests.
I have preferred looking for success directly among musicians and it is with this that many of my instruments are now played by prestigious players, themselves being often part of important orchestras worldwide.


One aspect that all my clients have come to appreciate is the high quality-to-price ratio of my instruments. It has always been my policy to offer noteworthy instruments at reasonable prices. It is indeed my belief that the best recognition that one can be given is that of a satisfied customer "spreading the word".
And its commercial value at the auctions and violin houses is an evidence of  musicians' consideration.





Authentic Vittorio Villa violins


fake Vittorio Villa violins

All my instruments have a certificate of authenticity with coulor photographs and accurate description. Every violin has a collection of digital photos of it taken during the making as well.

If you need to verify the authenticity of your Villa violin, ask me to check it in my archives.





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I also make special inlaid instruments, reproductions of great antique decorated instruments made by Stradivari or Amati. Every detail of those violins is carved my hands. A mix of glue and powdered ebony is put in the carved areas to reproduce the chracteristic decorations.




I was born in Monza in 1961. I achieved a Conservatory Diploma in Violin playing in 1987 and performed as a violinist with important Italian orchestras.
I graduated in 1992 at the International School of Violin-making in Cremona. I was also teacher at the same institute for 8 years.
Since then, after more than thirty years, I still work in my workshop in Cremona.


via San Giuseppe 13,
26100 Cremona, ITALY

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cell phone: (+39) 348 8503894